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Now with a programmable LCD on the front panel for ease of RAID settings, 0 or 5


The SOHORAID SR4 with LCD provides a flexible and affordable storage solution for large volumes of digital content. It’s a four drive enclosure system, with each drive tray capable of supporting various capacities of 3.5″ SATA hard drives up to 3TB per bay, allowing for large amounts of storage space for your digital content archiving needs. The SOHORAID comes in a variety of interfaces depending on the model and features a 80mm fan and internal power supply. The SOHORAID is designed for today’s high resolution and multiple track audio and video production workflows. Trays from the SOHORAID can be used in any other STARDOM product that accomodate 3.5″ hard drives.

Connectivity for SR4-WBS2 USB 3.0 (USB B type 4pin) X 1, FW 800 (9pin)
X 2, eSATA X 1 (7pin)

RAID Levels for SR4-WBS3, 0 or 5

Enclosure Dimension:
124(W) x 210(D) x 166(H)
Net Weight: 3.8kg / 8.38lb each
Warranty: 2 years

This product is available now through:



At Stardom Storage Solutions, we listen to our end users. The vast majority of users we talked to said that they wanted RAID 0 enabled on our SOHORAID SR2 so that they could edit their ProRes video.

We found that most video editors weren’t overly concerned drive failure as they were off-lining their data to other sources, be it tape or DVD fairly quickly after editing.

We’re proud to announce that for a couple of weeks now, that our popular 2 bay SOHORAID SR2 with RAID 1 (mirroring) technology, now can be easily configured to RAID 0 with just a couple steps through our LCD and front control panel interface.

The SOHORAID SR2 features a Quadruple interface Fire Wire 800 X 2, USB 2.0 and eSATA. An upcoming model in the near future will feature USB 3.0 at 6Gb/s transfer rates.

Our SOHORAID features a 3mm thickness outer aluminum housing, it’s rugged, with a robust internal power supply.
A standard 3 prong computer power cord (technical jargon is a IEC 320-C14) is all that’s needed to connect the unit to a power source. External power bricks are clumsy and often have fragile “DIN Type” connectors that can bend or break rendering the hard drive chassis useless until another power supply can be sourced.

At Stardom, we understand that downtime is not an option.

Let’s have a look at the REAL-STREAMS playback that the SR2 can achieve in RAID 0 and RAID 1 with eSATA and Fire Wire 800:

Click image to enlarge

The Stardom Pro Drive PD2510: A dedicated 2.5-inch dual-drive RAID 1 enclosure for the MacPro

The Stardom Pro Drive PD2510: A dedicated 2.5-inch dual-drive RAID 1 enclosure for the MacPro

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Rob-Art Morgan from “Bare Feats” comments on our Stardom ST8-U5

“It’s the quietest, most compact 8 bay SAS/SATA 6G enclosure I’ve ever tested. I used it and linked it in a recent test with eight 6Gb/s SSDs installed.” ~ Rob Art Morgan, Bare Feats

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STARDOM Storage, some background on us

Established in 2000, STARDOM Storage is a brand manufactured by RAIDON Technologies Inc. Our line of internal and external RAID and non-RAID products are manufactured with high quality materials and finish. Our products enable video, audio, photography, and graphic design workflows, providing performance, protection and speed.

We understand product versatility, any of our products accommodating 3.5″ hard drive trays are interchangeable with any other 3.5″ STARDOM chassis, for flexibility in your workflow. You’re not “locked out” if you need to trade drives between products. Any STARDOM chassis that supports 3.5″ hard drives supports 3TB drives per tray (unless otherwise noted), and all products are covered by a 2 year manufactures warranty. Whenever possible internal, auto switching power supplies (110/240VAC) are used in our products the only exceptions being the iTank and the Pro Drive products. Cabling for the I/O be it eSATA, USB Fire Wire or mini-SAS are included with each of our products as well are drive hardware (screws) and manuals. Our ST8-U5 SOHOTANK is validated and used by Blackmagic Design and has been shown at Interbee, IBC and NAB for 2 years running. We are also partnered with ATTO Technologies.

Who are our customers? Anyone doing content creation, if you’re a shooter or an editor or both. If you’re a photographer or a musician. If you’re doing after effects or graphic design, we’ve got a product to fit your workflow. We answer our phones, we respond to emails promptly and we know our products well.
Our team of dedicated storage professionals in the US and abroad is here to provide the content creation market with quality built affordable solutions. Our products were made for Final Cut Pro, AVID, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro as well as audio and photography applications.

Our products have been reviewed by:

Shane Ross

David Roth Weiss

David Roth Weiss

Ned Soltz

Ned Soltz

We are proud to be a sponsor of the LAFCPUG (Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group) and the BOSFCPUG as well as Creative Cow, our forum can be found here: STARDOM Storage Forum on Creative Cow

STARDOM Storage Website

Stardom SOHORAID SR4 by Ned Soltz of


I’ve been using this four-drive enclosure for several months with excellent results. Stardom manufactures a full line of enclosures, from 2.5” to multi-bay RAID to be used with dedicated cards. The STARDOM SOHORAID SR4 is sold as a bare box that supports FireWire 800, 3G eSATA and USB 2.0. An upcoming revision will add front panel controls and USB 3.0. This makes the enclosure particularly attractive to PC users with USB 3.0 ports or Mac users with a third-party USB 3.0 card. Frankly speaking, however, USB 3.0 cards have not caught on with Mac users, and while USB 3.0 is included in the Thunderbolt spec, I do not expect widespread adoption of USB 3.0 on Macs.

The SR4 can be configured via rear panel controls for RAID 0 or RAID 5. Its onboard controller then configures the RAID virtually instantly. The board is a port-multiplier, meaning that it controls four drives and requires only one cable connection. In the case of eSATA, it is important to use an eSATA card that supports port multiplication. Virtually all current eSATA boards do these days. Note that the eSATA interface, whether a PCIe card, PC card or Express34 card, is just an interface—it has no RAID functions other than passing the data. There are many enclosures on the market. What speaks so strongly in favor of the SR4 is its solid construction, positive locking drive trays and virtually silent fan.

The SR4 is sold unpopulated. I chose to configure my unit with four Western Digital Caviar Black 1.5TB drives. The unit is connected to my test Mac Pro via a Sonnet E4P 4-port SATA card using a single eSATA connection. I have also tested it via FireWire 800 to both tower and notebook computers as well as via a Sonnet Qio and Sonnet Express34 card to two different MacBook Pros.

The bottom line: it works and works well. There have been no intermittent connections of power or drive interface, and I have to listen very carefully for the fan when, in moments of panic, I fear it isn’t running.

There are pros and cons to configuring your own enclosure. In my case, I like saving a little money by buying my own drives and mounting them in an enclosure. It gives me control over the drives I use, rather than depending on whatever a given vendor has. In this case, I chose not to spend the extra money for enterprise-class drives, a notion I’ll discuss in the next product. But the Caviar Blacks from WD are fast, dependable and quiet. They fit the bill. I have been using this small RAID as a backup for my eight-drive RAID for some time.

The SR4 as well as the full line of Stardom enclosures would serve you well.

STARDOM Storage Website
MSRP: about $400
Where to buy

Just a few thoughts after bringing our 2 Stardom ST8-2SP’s online


No one intends to have a hard drive nightmare when they start out, but in the old model as it existed, it was destined to happen … buy a 500gig, fill it up …. buy a one TB, fill that up, again and again. Multiply this by years of work, an ever growing library, and then add RED 4.5K to the mix with the EPIC close at hand, it has become a near disaster in organizational terms, and a complete C… F… when it comes to external power supplies and pigtails for each drive unit. For a small independent, where a server or large raid capacity was beyond the budget, the only realistic choice was to keep buying hard drives/enclosures … until now.

The Stardom ST8-S2P’s bring a revolution to the requirements of media storage, organization and efficiency for a small independent production company such as ours. In terms of flexibility, space, cost, ease of use and execution with our MAC based edit suite, I can confidently speak to the ST8-S2P as being the most important and necessary step forward in embracing a future of independent digital cinema production. First and foremost, the ST8-S2P mounts so quickly and reliably I’m beginning to enjoy starting up the edit bay …. soon the apprehension, the dead empty feeling that comes when …. the drive won’t mount … file not recognized …. (sorry, I can’t continue, you get the point), will fade to distant memory.

Of all the drive failures I’ve experienced, only one was an actual drive failure. Most failures are drive controller related, a corrupted Directory/File Structure resulting in the entire body of data rendered inaccessible. Nothing against Disc Warrior and whatever …. I’d rather not have to know they exist. The ST8-S2P mounts more responsively, more surely than any external drive I’ve ever used, a credit to your engineering department. In fact, the ST8-S2P is the only external drive system that I’ve ever seen mount as reliably as my MacPro’s internal drives.

Equally important, the ST8-S2P enables me to manage my own hard drive program. If I need to add drives, swap out drives, back-up and archive … I decide the size and manufacturer, I buy at the best market price and more cost effectively manage our ever increasing storage requirements.

In today’s business climate, managing overhead is critical. This is no industry that tolerates, nor should it, an inferior product. In order to adopt to a changing playing field, the real trick for any business is how to maintain and grow product quality and reliability, yet remain financially viable in difficult times. This requires innovation, adaptation to new and emerging technologies and willingness to break old models. RED is such technology. Stardom is such technology.

The ST8-S2P has enabled me to cut in half, the cost of adding harddrives. Moving forward from a 4.5K world into 5K and beyond, this is critically important. It seems so simple, so necessary, so matter of fact and natural upon the implementation of such technology, that one soon wonders how things would work any other way. They very well may not.

Thanks again, Jon, and thanks to Stardom

STARDOM Storage Website

PolarArt Productions